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The Brand Canvas business cards

The Brand Canvas: Rebranded

2012 was an amazing year, one of those years that has flown by and you think to yourself “wow we really did all that?!”. We’ve been travelling around the globe experiencing beautiful places, working from opposite sides of the globe, and meeting clients and collaborators from every corner over the globe.

We’ve gained great insight and inspiration from the places we’ve been and through people we have met. We’ve learned to work and achieve great results while living more freely across the globe, and we’ll aim to provide tips to help and inspire others that wish to balance their work and travel more equally – right on this here blog.

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It begins…

So this is it. A blank slate, a few ideas and a dream – to work for ourselves and to grow our business by helping others grow theirs. Simple right? With a mix of skills in the ranks and combined number of years of real world experience in variety of fields equaling more than the average human lifetime, we figure we’re a pretty strong unit. But the question arises, like I’m sure it has for many of you reading this… So where do I start?

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