How to survive the mobile epidemic…

Deny as you like but as they say, the numbers don’t lie, soon we’ll all be trading our trusty desk dwelling machines for the more nimble, more portable, more pocket-sized mobile device that will become the norm for web surfing purposes.

The latest CISCO report on this ‘mobilosity’ shows that Mobile Devices with data accounts have been multiplying faster than a plague of rabbits and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. For the last four years mobile traffic has more than doubled year on year and by the close of 2012 the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth…

They are not the only devices on the rise either, in 2011, the number of mobile-connected tablets tripled to a staggering 34 million, plus these data hungry users were gobbling up to 3.4 times more traffic than the average smartphone. Much of this data is attributed to the consumption of videos on mobile devices, which is responsible for more than 50% of mobile traffic.

So what does this shift to mobile mean for businesses, particularly those who generate much of their customers from online sources? Well the obvious answer is be prepared, but the questions are many, what is your business doing to make sure its brand stays afloat when the devices topple the desktop tower?

Here are some suggested basic steps you can take now to help ready your business for this mobile revolution:

1. Buy a smartphone or a tablet – if you can’t beat them (and you can’t) join them. It’s inevitable that soon these touchable, portable, 4G+ devices will be in more hands & pockets than packets of gum, so get on board and start prodding at them till you know them inside out.
2. Mobilize your brand – start to ask yourself how your brand or business looks on devices, can your audience easily find your company & get in touch from a mobile browser, if you have an online store, is it easy to navigate with digits rather than a traditional point-and-click mouse?
3. Connect to your audience through social media – all main social media sites are already catering for users on most mainstream mobile devices, so you can communicate with customers through these right now, and start establishing your brand in the mobile world.
4. Better know how your audience and how they find you – You can use free tools, such as Google Analytics, to gather invaluable data on the users that frequent your site. Find out how much of the traffic coming to your site is from a mobile or tablet device, and accommodate for the higher percentile.
5. Run and hide – though I don’t see these as achieving the greatest results for, well, any business really, but you can remain blissfully ignorant and feel safe and warm, as if you’re back in your mother’s womb.

So if you’re not already making plans to accommodate this inevitable shift to mobile, then I’m afraid in the near future your business will be missing out on a large percentage of internet users.

Need help getting mobile ready? Get in touch, and we can have chat about how to improve your chances of taking your piece of the mobile pie, and eating it too…

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