The importance of image

James Dean - image is everything

Human beings are largely visually led animals. We like to be amused by pretty things, be it the opposite sex, or a glossy magazine, we all have our predilections. From the dawn of time we have a profound obsession and strong connection with images, and it can be arguably said today that we’re more visually led than ever.
Dr. John Medina writes in his book Brain Rules, “vision is our most powerful sense … we learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.

It should not be a surprise then that feeding fans some eye candy increases a brands reputation and resonates more strongly with audiences. So how much importance are you putting on the image of your brand, do you integrate imagery into your current marketing efforts? If not then you are definitely missing one big trick.

What’s that I hear you say? “But I’m not creative, we don’t have good visuals in our brand, I’m also colour blind and could never do those 3D-eye thingy’s


Here are 5 simple ways to work image into your marketing efforts, cost effectively and relevantly.

Start Instagraming

With its 100+ million active users and a brillant tagline of ‘Share your life with friends through a series of pictures‘ if used properly it’s a sure bet to express your brand and gather some dedicated followers.

How to use it
Tell your brand’s story, take pictures of your products, share your brand expreirinces with do a “behind the scenes”. Find ways that allow your fans to connect with it in a humanitarian way. Sign up for Instagram here.

Pin yourself a personality

Pinterest is fun, and that’s why its community is growing rapidly. You can lose yourself for hours scrolling through the neverending stream of inspiration, nicely filtered to your particular taste.

How to use it
Follow boards, brands and people that relate to your business, your products or your brand personality. Gathering inspiration from those you follow, start re-pinning to define your brands own personality with interesting imagery relevant to your product or service. Eventually you will start to gain a following of like minded pinners which you have the potential to influence, connect with and drive towards your goal landing places. Follow us here.

Compliment posts with pictures

Whether you be Blogging, Tumblr-ing or posting on Facebook, images will bring life to your articles and help get stand out when readers come across your content on the web.

How to do it
Of course it would be great if each of those could be original, but we don’t always have the time, skills or money to achieve that. So use the unlimited resource of the web and search for relevant images, just be sure to always credit the images used. Stuck for images? Check out services such as Creative Commons search which can search over many networks, such as Flickr or Fotopedia, quickly and easily.

Stock up

Stock image sites are a great resource to find affordable professional High Quality shots.
How to use them
There’s a lot of stock photography websites you can dive into to discover a whole realm of images that can brighten up your brand. Try Getty images, iStock or Shutterstock for a start, just look for the best package to suit your needs (pay per photo / credits / annual membership). When going to purchase each image, make sure you sense check that it relates to and looks/feels like your brand.

Get Illustrated

Illustrations can make a brand very personalised, unique and stylised. The boundaries are limitless with illustration as you can create any type of form or mood, all you have to do is find the talent.
Illustrating your ideas
Finding talent that has a particular style to suit your brand isn’t an easy task. If you have quite clear ideas, you can explore sites like Illustration Web to source artists that you believe will work for your brand. If you aren’t sure of your ideas or know exactly what it is that you want, best to talk to someone creative who does, so they can formulate a clear idea that matches your brand.

So go explore the world of digital imagery, just remember, when using image in your brand be creative, always relevant and forever interesting. Follow these simple rules and you’re sure to gain new fans, followers and appreciators of your brand in the near future.

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